A sizable portion of our business is in commercial and residential remodelling and renovations.

We have become very tenacious in matching existing construction and finish to ensure continuity in architecture. The following are some examples of services offered on an individual basis in these areas.

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The Lancaster

Bedrooms: 4      Square Feet: 1846


The Paterson

Bedrooms: 4      Square Feet: 1999


The Pinehurst

Bedrooms: 4      Square Feet: 2486


The Lansing

Bedrooms: 4      Square Feet: 1948


The Orchard

Bedrooms: 3      Square Feet: 1651

The Gifford

Bedrooms: 2      Square Feet: 1499

The Tollefson

Bedrooms: 3      Square Feet: 1335


The Benton

Bedrooms: 3      Square Feet: 1305

The Drake

Bedrooms: 3      Square Feet: 1458


The Calumet

Bedrooms: 3      Square Feet: 1125


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